Gifted with the vision and dexterity to launch your brand into its ultimate potential is the driving force behind Pamela’s entrepreneurial essence. Pamela is the owner of The Iconic Group LLC - a boutique creative brand consulting agency focused on catapulting your public relations, brand culture, digital marketing and most importantly your bottom line to new heights. The Iconic Group LLC is based on the founding principle of Integrating Consistent Opportunity using Nostalgia, Innovation & Cultivation. Applying Pamela’s customized and detailed process to every client is how she challenges their brand and embosses an ICON. Each ICONIC service is a proven formula to strategically bring out the unique DNA in your brand.  

Pamela ignited her start of creativity at the Gail Harts Dance and Performing Arts Company after she moved from Austin, Texas at the age of 4. Continuing to dance, at 16, Pamela decided to enroll in her first Television Production course which ignited her love for television and writing.  After graduating from Churchland High School in Portsmouth, Virginia Pamela happily moved forward with her acceptance into Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. She joined the Norfolk State University Spartan Legion Marching Brand Hot Ice Dance Team and the Norfolk State University Dance Theater. By 2007 Pamela completed 2 summer internships simultaneously.  Pamela completed full summer internships at Sony Music under the Columbia Records division as a Publicity Intern and also MTV Networks as a Television Production Intern in New York, New York.  She also completed 2 internships back home in Virginia which included Studio Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia as a Casting Intern and also The American Theater in Hampton, Virginia as a Production Stage Crew Lead. Pamela received her Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications/ General Broadcast in 2008 and in 2010 she moved to New York and worked in Advertising Sales at CBS. By 2011, Pamela had a vision to create an agency that could encompass her dream of creatively working with businesses. With passion, strong will and good faith Pamela left her position as a Television Account Executive to build The Iconic Group LLC and her career as a branding consultant. The love and muse of Pamela’s life is her son, Jayce Royal.

  1. Ideation

You are fascinated by ideas. What is an idea? An idea is a concept, the best explanation of the most events. You are delighted when you discover beneath the complex surface an elegantly simple concept to explain why things are the way they are. An idea is a connection. Yours is the kind of mind that is always looking for connections, and so you are intrigued when seemingly disparate phenomena can be linked by an obscure connection. An idea is a new perspective on familiar challenges. You revel in taking the world we all know and turning it around so we can view it from a strange but strangely enlightening angle. You love all these ideas because they are profound, because they are novel, because they are clarifying, because they are contrary, because they are bizarre. For all these reasons you derive a jolt of energy whenever a new idea occurs to you. Others may label you creative or original or conceptual or even smart. Perhaps you are all of these. Who can be sure? What you are sure of is that ideas are thrilling. And on most days this is enough. 

2, Futuristic

“Wouldn’t it be great if . . .” You are the kind of person who loves to peer over the horizon. The future fascinates you. As if it were projected on the wall, you see in detail what the future might hold, and this detailed picture keeps pulling you forward, into tomorrow. While the exact content of the picture will depend on your other strengths and interests—a better product, a better team, a better life, or a better world—it will always be inspirational to you. You are a dreamer who sees visions of what could be and who cherishes those visions. When the present proves too frustrating and the people around you too pragmatic, you conjure up your visions of the future and they energize you. They can energize others, too. In fact, very often people look to you to describe your visions of the future. They want a picture that can raise their sights and thereby their spirits. You can paint it for them. Practice. Choose your words carefully. Make the picture as vivid as possible. People will want to latch on to the hope you bring.

3. Strategic

The Strategic theme enables you to sort through the clutter and find the best route. It is not a skill that can be taught. It is a distinct way of thinking, a special perspective on the world at large. This perspective allows you to see patterns where others simply see complexity. Mindful of these patterns, you play out alternative scenarios, always asking, “What if this happened? Okay, well what if this happened?” This recurring question helps you see around the next corner. There you can evaluate accurately the potential obstacles. Guided by where you see each path leading, you start to make selections. You discard the paths that lead nowhere. You discard the paths that lead straight into resistance. You discard the paths that lead into a fog of confusion. You cull and make selections until you arrive at the chosen path—your strategy. Armed with your strategy, you strike forward. This is your Strategic theme at work: “What if?” Select. Strike.

4. Competition

Competition is rooted in comparison. When you look at the world, you are instinctively aware of other people’s performance. Their performance is the ultimate yardstick. No matter how hard you tried, no matter how worthy your intentions, if you reached your goal but did not outperform your peers, the achievement feels hollow. Like all competitors, you need other people. You need to compare. If you can compare, you can compete, and if you can compete, you can win. And when you win, there is no feeling quite like it. You like measurement because it facilitates comparisons. You like other competitors because they invigorate you. You like contests because they must produce a winner. You particularly like contests where you know you have the inside track to be the winner. Although you are gracious to your fellow competitors and even stoic in defeat, you don’t compete for the fun of competing. You compete to win. Over time you will come to avoid contests where winning seems unlikely. 

5. Significance

You want to be very significant in the eyes of other people. In the truest sense of the word you want to be recognized. You want to be heard. You want to stand out. You want to be known. In particular, you want to be known and appreciated for the unique strengths you bring. You feel a need to be admired as credible, professional, and successful. Likewise, you want to associate with others who are credible, professional, and successful. And if they aren’t, you will push them to achieve until they are. Or you will move on. An independent spirit, you want your work to be a way of life rather than a job, and in that work you want to be given free rein, the leeway to do things your way. Your yearnings feel intense to you, and you honor those yearnings. And so your life is filled with goals, achievements, or qualifications that you crave. Whatever your focus—and each person is distinct—your Significance theme will keep pulling you upward, away from the mediocre toward the exceptional. It is the theme that keeps you reaching.