Courage is in every breath that I take and I allow myself to be filled with zest and charm!

I promise myself to inspire my vision through the start of a new day. I deserve to start fresh every morning and be excited every night.

I promise myself to allow my mind, body and soul to feel healthy and strong. There is no other way for me to be.

I know that I have all the information I need to face any challenges today. I am dynamic enough and intelligent enough to victor any circumstances

That if anything makes me feel unsure that it is ok...It will be alright. I conquer it with poise and wit.  

My inner wisdom knows me well. I will trust my intuition and let that guide my decisions.

I will empower others to be raw, to feel, and to be creative in their vision.

I am filled with gratitude for another day on this earth. I am the change I want to see and no one can stop it.

I am my own Icon, I shine bright through my success, my passion, my family and my ancestors.

I Ignite, I Inspire, I Illuminate