ICON-Struction The Blueprint to Personal Branding


ICON-STRUCTION: the Blueprint to Personal Branding

It’s hard not to notice how many people in your personal network are breaking apart from their degrees and 9 to 5s to focus on entrepreneurship. Rightfully so! Economic times are harder than ever before and you can’t really blame anyone for going after their own vision. The issue isn’t what everyone else is doing...it really boils down to what you are doing. How dynamic your story is and how distinctive your brand can be. This is meant for you to define your personal structure of brand management and personal culture.



The best part about you is that you are YOU! No one in your field has the genetic makeup and background that you have. That’s an awesome fact! Taking this into consideration you must understand that your story, vision and aspirations not only should remain true to form but true to your overall brand. Staying grounded in your Brand DNA will leave you focused and motivated which is exactly what you need to remain ahead. Be specific and clearly define your brand goals.



The worst thing I could hear is that someone has an amazing idea and wants to get started right away without knowing who and what is already out there. You cannot jump into an idea without research. PERIOD. When I started this business I knew exactly who was in my field and what they were doing. This allowed me to remain innovative and create distinction. Once your research is completed do not remain weary or concerned with your competition. They will be turned on to you eventually and that’s the way you want it.


MIRROR, MIRROR                                                                         

This step is purely about you assessing your current state. Most people don’t start off with a few thousands in the account ready for future business endeavors. Hell, to be honest I didn’t. I had a few hundreds and a dream!  But assessing your situation is about using your resources and setting up your strategy. Barter your skills in the beginning of your personal branding to get what you may need. For example: My first Iconic photo shoot was a barter transaction. 3 months of branding in exchange for awesome photos. Look at your situation and make it work for you. Be honest, be ready and know what you can offer. Also, be fully aware of how your brand is perceived and if anything needs to change. It’s critical to pay attention to feedback and never underestimate your audience.



You should be able to create pretty much anything with the use of your vision and the internet. There are also several resources at your fingertips. There are several professional organizations that can assist you with putting your brand on the correct platform. Taking the first few steps give you a clear path of what you want and how you want it. Do not sway from this because of what you see in the activating process. If anything just continue to make it better. Create social profiles, create content and handle all visual components of your brand with care. Consider your daily wardrobe and social interactions as a part of your brand as well. People pick up well on those that are just talkers and not serious about their brand. Be sure to stay consistent and don’t over exert yourself by using social too many marketing components. Your brand should be working for you even when your own vacation.



Constructing a brand is never just DONE! Maintenance includes all content, profiles, websites, products and employees. This is an ongoing and exciting process of what works and what does not. Your personal branding is an ever changing part of which you are what you do. Be serious about this aspect. IF you are interested in generating revenue and becoming ICONIC in your endeavors knows that this is what separates the visionaries and leaders from the rest of the pack. Stay consistent and open to positive change. Have integrity and go after what you desire.



Pamela Jones

Business Writer and Strategist