5 Simple Ways to Become an Expert in Any Field

Most of you have had dreams or aspirations of starting a business and somewhere down your dream of success you can picture yourself on Good Morning America giving advice on how to be successful to millions watching. That’s positioning your life for an expert platform. EXPERT: that’s a lot to ask for, right? In the arena of experts, coaches, and consultants I know it’s hard to come by someone who has the perfect portfolio. I know when people see me they think:” Well what makes her a strategist in branding”? …. It could be a lot worst what people think of me but I’m not here for that. I’m here to talk about how you can further credential your expert status.

Fill In The Void

As a television account executive I immediately noticed that most of my clients were only concerned about how many phone calls they received or who was actually coming through the door. Rarely, did I have a meeting about strategy. Rarely, did I have a meeting about how they would handle the amount of work once the consumers actually came. Rarely, did we entertain a conversation about their brand identity and how their commercial could last beyond a 12-week stint. Now, as a Television Production/Broadcast Major from Norfolk State University (plug) – it was super important for my clients to have high production quality, a unique creative strategy, a successful advertising campaign and a decent amount of digital leverage.  With all of these factors being important to me one client specifically changed the format of our meeting to discuss how I can fill in the void. This is when I knew I had SOMETHING. Often, when someone tells me their vision I get so very excited for them because I know they are giving the business world something that has been missing. It’s a great filling to have.

So when positioning your brand for ICONIC success be sure to fill in the void and give the people something they have been missing. Even if they didn’t know it wasn’t there.


What’s your lingo like?

I come from a full gambit of media, entertainment and public relation positions. When it comes to my field I look for people that understand and can speak my language.  Now I have been told that my lingo is more Madison Ave.  and I need to bring it down to (Virginia Beach Blvd). (Wooo – was that a hard pill to swallow). I took that advice for what it was worth but I still have a fire in me to connect and build with others like myself. Either way you put it, when you are building your brand in your desired industry check out forums, blogs, private Facebook groups, hashtags, etc. etc. to get the full effect of what your industry language is about. I would hate for you to speak expired lingo because you got a best seller book from the 90’s as your informative driving force. The language is constantly changing. Speak it often and educate your network. Wouldn’t you rather work with someone that has their finger on the pulse?


Don’t Be Afraid to Say “That’s Not Gonna Work”

This was a tough one for me to follow. Experts don’t become successful by being scared to decline an idea or notion. With the decline be sure to give several ways on what can work. What can happen. This also goes for when a particular business would not make a good client for your company. Just like they have the power to choose you – you have the power to choose them. Just like any other partnership. It has to work both ways. If you are afraid of the waves that may be created, then this may not be the field for you. And if you are in need of the check and only thinking about the $$ signs in saying yes to any client. Believe me, you would regret it the second you start the work. Stick with your gut when working. Say No, Give Reasons why, and configure your way to success.


Give Credentials

This should go without saying. What makes you the business people should give their hard earned money to? Give reason, give proof, give testimony. Some consumers actually do research your credentials and interview potential expert prospects before they move forward. You also have consumers that can make a split decision on who they want to work with just off of a social media profile and a few tweets. Either way be prepared to readily give your credentials when asked. For me, I just keep my character references and testimonials on my website.


Be Distinctive

Experts have to be remembered. After all, you’re giving reason for people to change their lives. When marketing your business be sure your brand properties stand out and are distinctive. This goes for every aspect of your business, be sure it is seamless. Be sure that your branding blueprint is embossed in your authenticity. Well, that’s why you have people like me. So, I’ll just stop here.

Hope this gives some clarity to those that would like to build their vision on an ICONIC status. Be sure to check out my website www.thebrandingicon.com – leave feedback for me below. Reading this and not offering any feedback is kind of wack. – Let’s talk. #BeIconic  

Pamela Jones

Business Writer and Strategist