Why I Decided to Purge My Social Media and Organically Start Again


Believe me when I say, purging is not for everyone. In the midst of creating more authentic social media profiles I have ran into some friends that took it more serious than the businesses. I have ran into true followers that will support your redesigning mechanisms (thank goodness) and I have danced around with overwhelming concepts that just won’t seem perfect enough for your new online presence. But none of that mattered when I finally created my new profiles. Of course it will certainly take time to build your following again but do not misunderstand me when I say it was all worth it. The Iconic Group LLC has a total of 9 social media accounts and all of them were staggering in different directions. I had to come up with a new defined business model that not only balanced my online presence but also could merge with my stand alone business. It took more time than I care to admit but that’s when the birth of "The Branding Icon" came into play. 

What most people have seen with my business is a change of concept, presence and business foundation. I went from being a PR Agency with over 9 specialties to an advertising agency with over 7 services to now just a brand consultancy (innovations firm) to only 3 services. Lord help me....my little busy mind was all over the place with no clarity or structure. And if clarity is missing then you can absolutely forget about the sell. So, I HAD TO START OVER and I couldn’t be more pleased. 

I first decided to re do my tagline, mission, colors, fonts, photos etc. I needed a fresh start. The major component of the change was also my website. That had to be upgraded and easily accessible for anyone, anywhere. So, I brought a new domain, checked out a few online software sites and decided to do my website - ON MY OWN. I needed control over updates, news stories, and the overall design. This was very difficult but I managed to teach myself ADOBE Illustrator, Photoshop and other amazing software programs through simple YouTube videos. I got on CANVA and started playing with new designs, templates and graphics. I just wanted control over my brand. Next, I purged my social media from saying The Iconic Group LLC to The Branding Icon. Easy Peasy!  Third – START OVER. – This is where I am now. It took me some time to develop my new brand initiatives the way I wanted them but it all panned out at the end.

Overall, I suggest for anyone that is rebranding their business and creating a new business model to do a deep, intense, smooth and resilient purge of their social media. Whomever is for you will follow – just be sure all of your accounts mirror the main franchise – your website!

Here Are a Few Other Reasons Why I Purged:

1.     Size Does Not Matter

A lot of brands stick with their profiles because they do not want to lose their followers. In my case, I did not care. I knew my growth strategy had major buy-in potential so I didn’t fret over my numbers. Size didn’t matter ( in this case). In any case, if you are more focused on the numbers and not on the quality of your posts you’ll drain yourself out quicker than you think.

2.     I wanted Profitable Relationships

Simply put, authentic relationships of real supporters, believers and visionaries were and still are very important to me. I had to build a culture that I know my brand could happily soak in. environment is super important guys. The wrong energy around your development can steer you in the wrong direction. And check out the word profitable. So, in the midst of my new changes I knew relationships online and in reality had to be a place of focus.

3.     Focus on What Counts - Less Is More

It’s not an issue for me anymore to stay connected to my social media and know who and where to focus on. I was driving myself insane with editorial calendars, blogging binders and task reminders. I used every tool that could keep me on track and it did not work until I started at the root of the problem. Building a more focused brand will create less of a headache.

If it’s anything you pull from this article remember this – Simplify, Simplify and again Simplify. Your brain will thank you for it!

I created a rebranding checklist. You may want to check it out if you are in the same boat I found myself in. Email me if you want it – info@thebrandingicon.com


Pamela Jones

Business Writer and Strategist