What Are You Thankful For?

Kicking off a new branding campaign on Thanksgiving feels like the right thing to do. It just feels good. Many people are cooking, enjoying family or maybe even catching up on their blog if they're anything like me. But what's makes mornings like this so special is the fact that you are doing/enjoying what you love. Hopefully that's the case. 

My son Jayce and I always tend to act silly on Dubsmash :p

I'm thankful for the good and the bad. For my failures, my accomplishments and my successes. I'm thankful for people that can take me out of spirialing mood. At times I find myself thinking too hard and wanting too much. God places people around you to break that "mood bubble" up. I like those people. I'm thankful for laughter. Laughter with anyone. But specifically, laughter and kindness with strangers. I appreciate that a lot. I find that at times when we have social media and the news telling us how jacked up of a society we are we tend to believe everyone is that way. So, when i find kindness and humanity in public I hold on to those moments. I'm thankful for my grandmother's smile. When she's happy it makes me feel like there is nothing to worry about. I'm thankful for my son. Every part of him is perfection to me. He keeps me on my toes and has the sweetest most innocent vibe to him. I love that. I need that everyday. Im thankful for people's belief in my talents. Sometimes I'm like YOU TRUST me to DO THAT. Wow. they must see something in me. That trust is needed. I'm thankful that I can make other brands proud. I'm thankful for the drive, love an discipline that my mother has. I can't even match - and I think I stopped trying. She's not normal. My mom is just not normal. Im thankful for second chances and opportunities to fall back in love.  With my own product with my own brand. With more than just creativity but with a real power to cultivate and change lives. The time is now to move my own community. I'm ready to pay attention and put in the work. 

Happy Thanksgiving 2016 Icons!! 

Pamela Jones

Business Writer and Strategist