Authentic Rebranding Made Simple

Businesses at some point will come to the milestone known as “rebranding”. For me, it happened as soon as I knew the real talents I had to offer, the true brand personality that captures my essence and the business model that works best for my consultancy. It certainly was not an easy road. Along with criticism, judgement, opinions and just plain real life happening around you, it is critical – dire – to maintain a refreshing brand that gives perspective, educates the consumer and scales for growth. Rebranding 1. True to yourself 2. Meaningful so people take notice and care 3.Powerful enough to make the difference everyone hopes for - Its more than just being “socially deep” and throwing events – it’s the ever-changing field of communication, marketing and creating powerful moments not just for your consumers but also for you. Emboss what you stand for, Strategize your Mission, Inspire. Innovate. And Ignite. #YougottheJuice #beiconic #soulemergency #believeyourauthenticy #2016GloUp

Post in the comments if you have any new concepts, innovative practices or general brand ideas that will help the entrepreneurship community. Email me at or call 757-944-8670 to book a consultation.

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Pamela Jones

Business Writer and Strategist