Quinny From Philly Master Class: October 18 Newport News, Virginia

Thursday, October 18 Quinetta Wilmington will be teaching another dope Masterclass, and ALL are welcome. Her dance resume consists of (of course) BEYONCE: OTRII Tour, Lemonade Project, NERD, Rhianna, Janelle Monae, Iggy Azelia, Tinesha and so many more. She'll be offering a Q&A Session for those that aspire to dance professionally or just love dance overall, a private meet and greet, and a VIP Luncheon. She's the same girl from Philly that we all know and Iove and I can't wait to listen to the gems shes learned along her ICONIC journey. Come out to her Master Class at Brittingham Midtown Community Center in Newport News from 5PM-8PM. For more information contact John Eley 757-469-5646. <3 #foralldancers


Pamela Jones

Business Writer and Strategist