New Name - Same Business! 2019 is looking #BrandNew

Have you ever had something you created with blood swear and tears snatched from you in the blink of an eye. (I'm dramatic). But no seriously. I got a call from the state TELLING ME that I no longer could keep my business name because The Iconic Group before me in some Chuckattuck town in VA had its name first, In 2007. I started my business in 2011. It was like a dagger going right through me. All my marketing, all of my contracts all of my brand identity was in The Iconic Group. So I got smart..I purchased the entire ACRONYM will do a d\b\a for ICONIC, LLC and keep the d\b\a for TheBrandingIcon. Im grandfathered in with this one! Can't nobody take my name again! 😅

Pamela Jones

Business Writer and Strategist