Taste and Talent in Building Your Brand

🗝I think its high time I create a series of questions asked daily when it comes to focusing on maintaining an ICONIC brand culture. Often, I am asked questions that are super critical to the development of building a brand while also keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry that you’re in.

🗝After leaving an awesome branding session this morning I was asked what it takes to build a brand culture. Along the years my answer to this question has changed as the behaviors of several target audiences (and demographics) have changed their spending habits. Taking into consideration the power of a movable audience, the power of a forgiving audience, and the essence of your core audience all help to transform a community of brand loyalty.

🗝Taste and Talent will never change it is evergreen. Its what makes a difference between your competitor and your brand. Taste is perineal with innovation without being so creative that you lose the audience )or your message). Taste is the distinctiveness of your brand truth. The real you, giving your real consumers the 2020 (not 2019) version of your business.

🗝Talent goes beyond the resume or web page. It’s your personal brand on steroids. Talent equals your skills and responsibilities but also your failures as well. It embeds in your consumers that being a subject matter is great but being talented, agile and ahead of the curve is even better.

💡Shaping your brand daily is ultimately important. Talent and Taste on your brand tool belt will help in building the buy-in all brands want and need

💡Want to book a branding session with me? Do you have a blueprint to follow for the next 3 months for your brand? If not – hit me up! I start at 3 months but of course, we can focus on the rest of the year if needed. 
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