Defying Essentials for Brands: Affinity Marketing

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Defying Essentials for Brands: Affinity Marketing 

Written by: The Branding Icon: Pamela Rosara Jones  

Affinity: an individual level of cohesiveness, social belonging, identification, and conformity to the norms and standards of a particular reference group

To best describe Affinity Marketing you must first understand two things – Affinity Groups and Customer Affinity. Affinity groups are a cluster of people who share a common goal or interest to which individuals formally or informally belong. Examples of groups could be private social clubs, fraternities, sports teams or even a group of activist. They can be based on shared ideology or just simply share the same concern. Customer Affinity is a personal or emotional connection forged between customers and a particular brand of business. Gaining affinity for a particular brand basically means being highly successful in achieving brand loyalty and growth. Your consumers know you(your brand) for x,y and z purposes. This makes the question: “So, what exactly do you do?” easier to answer and twice as easy to understand.

Now that we know those two definitions lets discuss Affinity Marketing. This particular concept consists of a partnership between a company and an organization that brings together a group of people that have the same interest. Before creating an affinity group, it is best to first define your market and segment those customers into solvency and receptivity of your goods and services. This is just a fancy way of saying, who are you and why are you here. Secondly, you want to focus on a type of recognition for this affinity group, what will make this particular group feel important while also amplifying their message.

Three distinct groups characterize Affinity Marketing schemes:

-          “3rd Party endorsement” – company leader shares a message to strengthen credibility

-          “The Shared Incentives Concept” – discuss primary motivations facing affinity group 

-          “The Enhancement Package” designing product to meet customers need

So, the next time you see a major facet of business like, hotels, retail outlets, airlines or supermarkets cater to a particular membership organization, non-profit of particular demographic know that an affinity marketing campaign has been launched and may be catering to the likes of you and your demo. Kind of like Kylie Jenner and Pepsi – in that realm, except it actually works.

Sidebar: You may think that this is similar to co-branding. It is not. Co-branding has many different arrangements as part of one campaign. This process is more of an alliance.Building brands together to form a partnership that will embed an audience for a lengthy period.

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Pamela Jones

Business Writer and Strategist