Defying Essentials for Brands: Publicity Technique – Media Drop

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Defying Essentials for Brands: Publicity Technique – Media Drop

Written by: The Branding Icon: Pamela Rosara Jones


If you thought publicist were the only professions using publicity techniques, then you have no idea how far new age Public Relations has changed the game. Communicating in the digital age has created a useful purpose for traditional techniques infused with innovative, fresh practices.

There are two ways to use this technique. A brand can “drop in” to a radio or TV station showcasing their product, purpose or services. This method also refers to dropping off creative publicity props and others materials to create a buzz in hopes of gaining some on-air mention. Sending your products to media contacts is a tangible way to tell your brand story while also “potentially” creating new clients. There are much more ways to get your brand to the masses. This is just one way to gain dimensions in your market while keeping your brand iconic.

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Pamela Jones

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