Defying Essentials for Brands: Publicity Tools – Audio News Release (ANR)

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Written by: The Branding Icon: Pamela Rosara Jones

An audio news release can range from :15 to :30, :45 or :60 seconds. It can also be referred to as a radio news release. The idea of precisely producing audio that is concise and compelling is the general idea behind this publicity technique. This technique is a tool that should be part of a larger strategy to not only catapult the message but to also create brand awareness as well. Adding a call to action is critical any news release but this technique specifically can not promise any real reaction however it can spread your identity and purpose to meaningful ears that can in turn support your brand and become loyal consumers.  


The overall release can be used on social media sites, radio stations and networks and can also be used via phone. Using an audio feed on your website can creatively been done as well just as long as the experience isn't jarring for the end user. Pitching an ANR, if regarded, can be a useful mechanism  just as long as newsroom writers appeal to the message and have a need to broadcast it. The ANR, typically, is pitched and fed to interested stations through a phone feed. This is perfect for quick turnaround situations, creating repoire with reporters and to also maximize exposure.  

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