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My sessions are fully optimized to give you the marketing, publicity and strategic brand power needed for all of your branding efforts. The several different facets of branding are all embedded into this customized foundation that is sure to launch (or relaunch) your brand into Iconic status. My sessions contain the power points of brand equity, personality, structure and continuous brand innovation so that all of your current and future public relation endeavors will always be distinctively you. You’ll be certain to receive your brands most fitting tagline, brand mission statement and futuristic practices to keep you confidant about your vision and your consumers connected to it as well.


What makes my branding sessions so unique:

-          Brand Strategy

o   Brand Rediscovery (If Applicable)

-          Brand Initiation

o   360° Digital Intelligence Marketing Operation

o   Publicity Tools and Techniques

-          Brand Distinction

o   Competitive Analysis

o   Media Forecasting & Procurement

o   Cultural Anthropology and Exploration

-          Brand Promise

-          Brand Care

o   Care Package for Your Reference after your Session



Rediscovering why you created your brand or business tends to be the new heartbeat that most businesses may need. As owners of a business we tend to get drawn out, weary and lose creative energy on what those next steps should be to revive your brand. This service gives you the eye opening formulas needed to put that energy, love, excitement and money back into your brand entity. Brand Rediscovery is perfect for those business owners that created their brand many years ago and are looking for new DNA to reactivate their vision. If you are interested in adding this to your session just let me know.


I also include one of my most competitively untouched services. The 360° Digital Marketing Operation.




That’s exactly what marketing seems to be somedays, just like an operation. I have done several marketing campaigns where I’ve sold add-ons and split task but I find, from a branding perspective, that it makes it extremely inefficient to the actual client. This part of the branding session covers all objectives from the beginning to the end of your marketing campaign. I offer this 360° deal because most brands do not know they even need it. I cover:

·       Content Development

·       Social Media Plan

·       Visual Influence and Custom Design Structure

·       Business Intelligence & Strategy

We will work together to merge your old marketing with your new marketing while also implementing new tools for your brands success. Social Media can be a hound. I know. But it’s not something you should be overwhelmed or afraid of. I mean it is a FREE and it’s all over one device that will not be slowing down anytime soon – the smartphone! So I suggest you get used to it and let me help you create maintain and simplify the media platforms that work best for your brand. Because guess what! – All of them don’t.  Visual Influence and Custom Design is something all brands should have consistently throughout their marketing. Whether its color, key words, or custom logos these are brand diamonds to your marketing. I have people come to me all the time saying “Be Iconic” or they are ready for branding. Whether I have them as a client or not I know that my marketing is keeping me top of mind in their heads. That’s an emotional connection I’ll take! Business Intelligence is something that is mandatory in this marketing service. I can come in and set up all of these strategies for you but I have to educate you on how to be successful with these platforms as well.

 Cultural Anthropology & Exploration

Every brand should develop a network of its own. Its own community and culture. This portion of my sessions is built on giving brands their culture history and how they can use it to their advantage. Research & Knowledge is step one while activating that research and knowledge is step 2. It’s vital to leave the “I didn’t know that” and “Wish I would have known this” in the past. Take charge of your culture and learn how to monetize your brand the right way.

Media Forecasting & Procurement

Do you have an itch to advertise your event, promotions or products to the masses? Newspaper, Television, Radio and Magazines are always a strategic and popular way to get your brand seen. Social Media Marketing is included for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Periscope and Youtube. I will allocate the proper forecast for your brand for all of your advertising needs. This is not a task you should worry about. 



So you are ready to get started on an ICONIC Branding experience. Kudos to you for seeking insight and taking the right steps towards igniting your vision! Here is what you will need to have a successful session with me.


I am the branding consultant. You are the stakeholder. If there are other people besides you that makes the decisions, please have them with you at the time of the session.


My sessions can be done in person over the phone or via video conferencing whichever place is most effective and convenient. Either way, you will receive a final overview of our session through your own brand playbook.

Session Price

It is $300.00 for the entire session. Payments can be worked out between I and the stakeholoder. Please inquire by emailing .


Please set aside up to 4 hours for your session.

What to Bring

Bring all documents that support your vision. Marketing material, business paperwork, photos and any written ideas. Bring it all.  I’ll want to learn about your influences and your community. If it drives you or if it drags you. I’ll need to hear about it.

Get Organized and Take Notes

Yes, there is a tad bit of work for you. Be prepared to take notes. I always record the audio/video from the consultations as a point of reference for you. But it is still critical that you take notes.  

Be Mentally & Emotionally Ready

There will be an exciting shift that will take place during your session. This is the power of ideation, futuristic planning and strategic foresight. Agility and risk management are always a top priority in my planning so all corners will be covered. Be ready.