The conception of the brand behind the scenes is the most important step in any business. My job is to illustrate to your consumers why they should buy-in and become loyal to your entity. I maximize the stakeholder’s vision with innovative ideas and nostalgic methodology.  While strategizing the brand, I take into account your culture (environment), your mission (your promise), and a large array of other important factors that will set up your tagline, story line and marketing endeavors. Your brands research will be completed by THE ICONIC GROUP if need be. This plan also receives an in tune marketing plan infused into the strategy. The marketing plan includes traditional and digital marketing components and publicity tools and techniques.


In this 2nd platform of my Iconic Branding Suite, I activate your brand using the brand strategy we created. It is very exciting to watch as you learn the behaviors of your consumer, market and employees and how they are emotionally connected to your brand. Brand Activation can range from launching your first blog to creating a focus group for a new recipe. It is all about sending it out and sending it out big. While initiating the plan I do have a system of lessons learned and quality assurance tools to ensure accountability and understanding consumer behavior & wants.

I also am available to become a brand ambassador for your brand as long as it merges seamlessly with THE ICONIC GROUP’s mission. Advertising and Sales Forecasting can be done through me as a consultant on your behave as well. I will close your deals and meet with the necessary parties to get your brand in front of the right consumers. After all, I helped create it!


The 3rd platform specializes in creating a specialized booklet of all of your distinctive qualities. Why would you need this? Well, while I work with your vision you will have key qualities, stories, ideas, notions, resources etc. that will play an amazing part in your brand. My job is to keep that important data front and center at all times. When I am long gone ( and I hope I will never be) but when I am done with this project you will start to see how you can manifest in your brand personality and culture and whatever you do from that point out (advertising, marketing, events, promotion, hiring,) you can use your unique booklet as your guide and foundation. Now, you can always grow from this booklet and change it the way you see fit but the best part is that no one will ever have the same distinctive body of work as I will create for you! Powerful.


This is your ICONIC mantra to your employees, stakeholders, consumers, and fans. On what you always will deliver and how you feel about your key missions.. Everyone needs to have a brand promise it shows accountability, empathy, and integrity.


I am always here! Maintenance for your brand will always be available through The Iconic Group. If you have any questions, had a few mistakes or need some understanding do not hesitate to contact me. Branding last well beyond your campaign and so this service is like your Brand Help Line. Contact me if you need me.


Please note that all of my strategies and processes are original and have been created by me, Pamela Rosara Jones. I do not disclose my clients information, plans, designs or vision to anyone as this is the basis of an innovation focused agency.