Book My Consultation


So you are booked and ready to get started on an ICONIC Branding experience. Kudos to you for seeking insight and taking the right steps towards igniting your vision! Here is what you will need to have a successful consultation with me.


I am the branding consultant. You are the stakeholder. If there are other people besides you that makes the decisions please have them with you at the time of the consultation.


My consultations can be done in person over the phone or via video conferencing whichever place is most effective and convenient.


Please set aside up to 3 hours for your consultation.

What to Bring

Bring all documents that support your vision. Marketing material, business paperwork, photos any written ideas. Bring it all.  I’ll want to learn about your influences and your community. If it drives you or if it drags you. I’ll need to hear about it.

Get Organized and Take Notes

Yes, there is a tad bit of work for you. Be prepared to take notes. I always record the audio/video from the consultations as a point of reference for you. But it is still critical that you take notes and refer back to them when you are ready.

Be Mentally & Emotionally Ready

There will be an exciting shift that will take place during your consultation. Along with  distilling your brand potential I will also be delivering an innovative approach on how I can partner with you in reaching your ultimate goals. 

The Process

  • Identify Your Brand Strengths and Core Values

  • Clarify Your Brand Short and Long Term Goals

  • Establish Your UVP (Unique Value Proposition)

  • Define Your Brand Culture

  • Discuss How I Can Effectively Change Your Brands Quality

  • Identify Your Consumers Challenges

  • Gain Clarity in Your Brands Mission

  • Finalize How You Can Be An Iconic Client