Iconic Branding Sessions


Iconic Branding Sessions


Have you ever needed that one person that knows exactly what you need without you even asking? They call these people Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and they are there so you don’t have to miss a beat with the subject you need expert advice on. That’s what this service is about. Of course, I would have to get to know you and what you’re striving for but this service is ultimately here for you to take the right steps into your brand destiny. Believe me, when you launch your services to the public things can move pretty fast. You want to be sure the steps you take do not waste your time, money and energy. Let me give you the tools needed to make you seamlessly efficient while catapulting your brand into an ICONIC platform. This session will last up to three hours so be prepared to experience a brand, marketing and publicity blueprint that is sure to change the entire scope of your business.

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Included in your branding session is your own authentic and customized "Brand Blueprint" just for your business. Your blueprint will specifically outline your:

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Initiation

  • Brand Distinction

  • Brand Promise

  • Brand Care

I will work with you on your vision, goals, and aspirations while innovating a brand new journey for your business to embark on. This process cannot be purchased, taught or gained by any other branding/innovations agency. My talent and skill is the ability to forge your goals, business intelligence, and true creativity together to create a blueprint that is uniquely yours. Don't worry, the right questions will be asked and the ultimate care will be given to ensure that you are mentally charged and physically ready to create the powerhouse brand you rightfully deserve.

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Developing a marketing strategy for your business in vital in its overall success. The bottom line of a marketing strategy is to be sure that your products and services meet customers needs, not just through long-term goals, but also through creating profit for your business. Nowadays, traditional marketing, digital marketing, and agile marketing are critical strategies that have to be considered to remain competitive in today's landscape. Consumers are quick to change their minds so cultivating unique micro-moments with your audience while closing sales are what you really want for your brand. Here is what is included in my brand session marketing component: 

  • Content Development and Strategy

  • Social Media Intelligence Power & Plan Strategy

  • Visual Influence and Custom Design Structure

Interested in working with me on a longer, more dedicated and focused campaign for your brand? Check out my Signature Package!

This additional component to your branding session is a necessary plus for ICONICALLY preparing for media and press attention for your brand.  As you start to acquire growth, expansion and scaling for your business you will automatically attract attention that can be used to gain profit, and a larger customer base. This aspect is considered gaining brand loyalty and increasing brand identity.  All so very important in your organization.

With this service I will: 

Choose from over 75 Publicity Tools and Techniques that will fit into your brand and marketing blueprint.

Gain an understanding of how to capitalize on media attention.

Be prepared to interview, write and publicly speak as a Subject Matter Expert in your field!

Cover how you can become an intellectual property beyond just the keyboard!

Interested in working with me on a longer, more dedicated and focused campaign for your brand? Check out my Signature Package!
Please note that all of my strategies and processes are original and are created by me, Pamela Rosara Jones. I do not disclose my client’s information, plans, designs or vision to anyone or any business. For most clients, a client contract and a non-disclosure agreement is necessary.