The Iconic Group LLC is a Brand Consulting Boutique based on the founding principle of Integrating Consistent Opportunity using Nostalgia, Innovation & Cultivation.  To be Iconic, it takes a tantalizing process of combining interactive platforms and moment to create a brand culture that innovates and transpires the brands authentic language.

Applying my customized and detailed processes challenges your brand and embosses an Icon. Igniting the relationship between consumer and brand is the definitive task that I answer. Today’s consumers are intelligent and resourceful. Their preference and customized lifestyle requires powerful brands that are mutually beneficial. Your brand has a duty to uphold and that is to interpret, understand and to successfully deliver distinction, purpose, and necessity. Each Iconic service is a proven formula to strategically bring out the unique DNA in your brand. So yes, it is time to Imagine, Innovate and Ignite your brand to its authentic Iconic status.

Branding is the art of aligning what you want people to think about your company with what people actually do think about your company. And vice-versa. Jay Baer
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Calling all brands!

I am interested in interviewing brands for my blog. These brands will also be promoted across all of my social media profiles.  Entrepreneurs, organizations, non-profits, entertainers, professionals are all welcomed. Please take a look at the Brand Interview page and fill out the form! Its all free! I am open to doing google + videos, phone or in-person videos that will all be focused on you! 


ready for your blueprint?

My Branding Sessions are super packed with all types of brand goodies. You'll be certain to receive your brands most fitting tagline, mission and best practices that will surely keep you confidant and focused on success. Put aside a few hours for us to meet as I do create your own unique branding plan. And don't worry this service comes with Brand Maintenance for when our time is over. Check out my Branding Session page to get an outline of what I offer. 

 the ultimate experience

My Branding Suite is specifically for those organizations, professionals or businesses that are focused on longevity, consumer and employee loyalty and of course an increase in revenue.  This exciting plan will streamline every touchpoint of your business in the most organic way possible. Business, publicity and marketing intelligence are also a few star-studded services that come with the Iconic Signature Package.